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Our Story - About Us

NZ Ecig Store has one goal!! that is to provide a quality, safe & secure place to purchase the latest generation e-cigarette products, premium e-liquids, and vape related accessories in New Zealand. 

A bit about us:
We are twin brothers Johannes & Stefan Einarsson. Don’t let the names fool you, we are kiwis through and through. We are half Icelandic and half Maori but born and raised here in NZ. We have travelled the world as musicians for 10 years in the band Rival State basing out of Toronto, Canada & London, United Kingdom, which is where we first discovered vaping 5 years ago.

We initially started out as part time vape educators when we first arrived back in NZ in 2015 (un-intentionally of course) We would discuss the best and latest vape products we had discovered on our travels with our close friends and family and send them in the right direction to other stores, where they could make their purchases. The fault in that was, all these stores were based in the USA or Europe and after shipping costs, currency conversions, and late shipping arrivals, these stores didn’t fulfil the needs and requirements for NZ based users. Thats when we thought.. “We can do something about this”

Open for business!!
Towards the middle of 2016 we came up with the idea to start this business and with all the skills knowledge and know how we picked up doing music for 10 years we were open for business in January 2017!

This is a new venture and a new opportunity to grow within. A new idea and a new medium and we want to be apart of that!

If you are looking for a trusted store to make your vape purchases, then you have come to the right place! NZ Ecig Store is an NZ supplier of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and the latest generation vaping devices.

We carry a wide range of e-liquid flavours and many vape kits tailored for both beginner and advanced users. We stock the best vape products including the latest premium USA eliquids, sub-ohm tanks and next generation vape kits, vape pen’s, and box mods. We have everything you need to join the NZ vape community today!

If you have any questions please feel free to speak with one of our live chat operators here on the site or email support@nzecigstore.co.nz if you have any questions about vaping. Our experienced team are here to answer all of your vape related questions.