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New To Vaping?

In this guide we will answer the top vape related questions. What is an ecigarette? & What do i need to get started? Read on to discover vaping along with some helpfull tips.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette also known as a vaporizer is an electronic device that heats / vaporizes a liquid known as ejuice or eliquid where a user will inhale. In most cases an ecig is in an alterntive to regualar tobacco cigarettes.

There are 4 main components:

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nz ecig store vape tank

1. Tanks

The Tank holds the eliquid and the replaceable coil. The mouthpiece on the top is where you draw from. Most if not all tanks have a 510 thread on the bottom which means they can be used across many different Mods.

nz ecig store vape coil

2. Coils

The coil heats the eliquid to create the vapor. It is screwed into the tank and draws the e liquid in through the holes on the side. A coil is based on resistance ranging from 0.2Ω - 1.8Ω (ohms) Certain resistance/coils work better for different types of vaping which is explained further in the guide.

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3. Mods

The Mod is what provides the power to the coil to create heat to vaporize the eliquid. There are 3 main ways a mods power output is measured; Watts, Volts, and Temperature. On advanced devices these can be manually changed. On most beginner devices these are fixed which keeps it very simple.

nz ecig store vape eliquid

4. Eliquid

E-Liquid, also referred to as e juice, is the liquid that your vaping device heats to create vapor. It consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and nicotine if desired. You will learn what nicotine strength you should get further in the guide.

What type of kit should I buy?

The type of kit you buy is dependant on how you want to use a vaporizer. There are two ways to vape - Mouth To Lung & Direct To Lung (See Below)

nz ecig store vape mouth to lung

Mouth To Lung

Mouth to Lung devices are designed to simulate the feeling of smoking a real (analogue) cigarette. These devices achieve this by using a coil resistance upwards of 1Ω (ohm) and have a more restrictive airflow to give you the same tight draw you would experience with a cigarette.

nz ecig store vape direct to lung

Direct To Lung

Direct to Lung devices will have a coil resistance lower than 1.0Ω (Sub-ohm) this creates more vapour and requires more power from your device. The increased hit of vapour goes directly to your lungs and can be compared to big draws from shisha. Direct to Lung devices will have wide open airflow to cool the vapor.

What Nicotine Strength do i get?

Eliquid is produced in many flavours; fruit, desert tobacco & plenty more. Flavour wise this is subjective to your preferred taste. So if you are unsure we recommend experimenting to find what works for you. You can use any nicotine strength in any device, but there are some pointers to help you decide where to start... (see below)

nz ecig store vape nicotine eliquid

Ex Smokers | Mouth To Lung

Mouth to Lung users who are coming off cigarettes would use either 18mg (High) for heavy smokers or 12mg (Medium) for regular smokers (12mg being the most popular with Mouth to Lung users)

nz ecig store vape nicotine eliquid

Sub Ohm | Direct To Lung

When it comes to a Direct to Lung device lower nicotine strengths are best. 3mg (Low) would be the most popular and max would be 6mg of nicotine. This is due to the amount of vapor being produced in a Direct to Lung device. High nicotine strengths in a direct to lung device can be harsh on the throat.

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Final Tips!

To get started you will need a vape starter kit, We advise that you grab one of our Beginner Kits if you are new to vaping. They come complete with everything you need hardware wise to get started. In addition, we advise that you purchase a bottle or two of eliquid in two different flavours, so you can experiment and find what works best for you.

Here are links to our Beginner Kits and eliquid pages. Dont worry this page will still be here if you get stuck, also if you need any further assistance dont hesitate to speak with one of our knowledgeable live chat operators or contact us by phone 0800 110 944 or email support@nzecigstore.co.nz

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